Given the tremendous learning that has been possible in the past decade around owner driven reconstruction, there is need to mainstream it for large-scale post-disaster reconstruction. There have been some notable efforts by various Nation-States to empower affected owners by designing and implementing a facilitative and regulatory framework, which is often broadly understood as “owner-driven”. The post earthquake (2001) reconstruction in Gujarat, post tsunami (2004) reconstruction in Sri Lanka and Thailand, and the post earthquake (2005) reconstruction in Pakistan, for example, have all been variously understood as owner-driven.

The ODR Collaborative is a network of civil society organizations, government representatives, and international institutions with experience in post-disaster reconstruction. The group specializes in accessing the necessary support from across the country based on the needs of the local context of the disaster affected region. The ODR Collaborative works to enable and facilitate the Nation-States to undertake people led development and disaster reconstruction. It believes that effective long-term recovery after a disaster can accelerate empowerment and achieve developmental goals by harnessing the latent talent and energy of the people of a region.

Key members involved with ODR Collaborative are as follows.

  • Sushma Iyengar, Kutch Nav Nirman Abhiyan
  • Krishna Vatsa, UNDP-BCPR
  • J. Radhakrishnan, Government of Tamilnadu
  • G. Padmanabhan, UNDP
  • Sandeep Virmani, Hunnarshala Foundation
  • Binoy Acharya, UNNATI - Organisation for Development Education
  • Manu Gupta, SEEDS (ODRC Secretariat)
  • V. Thiruppugazh, GSDMA
  • Prof. V. C. Menon
  • Vivek Rawal, People in Centre
  • B. R. Balachandran, Alchemy Urban Systems
  • Rajendra Desai, NCPDP
  • C. V. Shankar, Government of Tamilnadu
  • Jennifer Duyne Barenstein, SUPSI, University of Southern Switzerland
For further details, contact
    Manu Gupta, Convenor, ODR Collaborative
    email: or
    phone: +91 11 26174272 ext 217